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«Στην Κρεμαστή θα κρεμαστώ,
Και στο Μαρί θα γειάνω,
Και στις Καρίτσας τα στενά
Θα πέσω να πεθάνω.»

-Καριτσιώτικη παραδοσιακή ρήση


Text and web design by Dimitri Katsambis © 1999
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Thank you for visiting the web-page  of our home-village.  We count on your feedback and suggestions to make it as complete and as accurate  as possible.  Photographs and ideas are welcome. Please use the guest book on the right to share your thoughts.

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WONDERFUL new site built and continually updated by Stelios Diamanti Hagias documents the ancestry of Karitsiotes the world over.  Click on the family photo right to see for yourself.  You are also welcome to provide details and photos to add further branches to the Karitsa Family Trees.

ypical Karitsa pose.  A picture says more than a thousand words.  Click on the photo of Barba Mihali on the right to view olden day black and white prints as well as more recent coloured pictures from the village.


aritsa families spread far and wide.  Click on the photo right to find their whereabouts.  You too are welcome to include your family on these pages.